Virtual Class Schedule


9:00am - be hot basic  (Julie)

10:30am - be warm yin (Doug)

4:30pm - be hot  (Amanda)

6:00pm - be warm pilates  (Amy P.)

7:30pm - be yin  (Reanna)



10:00am - be basic (Julie N)

4:30pm - be dynamic  (Julie H.)

6:00pm - be basic  (Christina)

7:30pm - be yin  (Michele)



9:00am - be hot basic  (Jessie)

10:30am - be warm yin  (Doug)

4:30pm - be hot  (Laurie)

6:00pm - be hot pilates   (Kelly)

7:00pm - be yin  (Erin)



10:00am - be basic  (Danielle)

4:30pm - be dynamic  (Julie H)

6:00pm - be basic  (Emily) 

7:30pm - be yin  (Michele)



9:00am - be hot basic  (Paige)

10:30am - be hot pilates  (Kelly)

5:00pm - be dynamic (Lisa)


8:00am - be hot power  (Julie)

9:30am - be hot basic  (Carolyn)

11:00am - be hot pilates (Kelly K) 

1:00pm - be basic  (Kelly T)



10:00am - be hot  (Laurie)

2:30pm - be yin  (Tatiana)

4:00pm - be dynamic (Beth)

Virtual Class Rates


Virtual Classes will use our current 45 min Class Packages. So, if you already have a 45min class package or are a monthly/annual member then you can use your current package for classes.


Virtual Class Drop In = $10

Virtual Class 5 Class Pack = $45

Virtual Class 10 Class Pack = $85

Virtual Class Registration


You will register for the virtual classes through our current MindBody system. Each class has an in studio and a LIVESTREAM option.  Choose the LIVESTREAM class to take class virtually. You need to register at least 30 mins prior to the start of class. Teachers will send out an email with the link to the ZOOM meeting 30 minutes before class starts to everyone on the roster, so please make sure your email is correct. If you are taking a class from your phone, then you need to download the ZOOM app. Please let the teacher know if you have any injuries or requests in the ZOOM chat function prior to class.