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Our Instructors


What to expect: Julie leads physically challenging classes designed to get you out of your head and connected to your body, your breath and your life.  Julie offers hands on assists and modifications for any level of practitioner to discover for themselves the possibility of the pose.  Her classes are a journey into power, authenticity and connection.  Off the mat, Julie loves to travel!  Her bucket list (pipe dream) trip would be booking a private charter with her friends and touring around the Greek Isles like Below Deck Mediterranean.


Certifications: Tier 1: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader from the Baptiste Yoga Institute (2012)

FIT to Lead Training: Baptiste Yoga Institute (2020 ongoing)

Julie Eubanks


What to expect: Douglas teaches Yin Yoga and Power Yoga mostly, with a touch of Kirtan and Yoga Nidra thrown in for good measure. When done properly, each of these practices is challenging in its own way. So, please don't come to either of his classes expecting it to be easy. But, if you are not afraid of a challenge, you will reap the unlimited rewards of doing this work we call Yoga.  In his free time, Douglas likes to make music, sing, chant, hike, and commune with the natural world.

Certifications: 200 hr Kripalu Yoga Certification 2009;35 hr Pranakriya Advanced Pranayama Certification 2010; 300 hr Advanced Yin Yoga Certification 2015; 200 hr Universal Yoga Certification 2015

Douglas Johnson


What to expect:  Greg will make you laugh your way through a challenging mat pilates class that you will definitely feel the next day!

Greg Williams


What to expect:  Kaitlin teaches be dynamic classes at be yoga.

Kaitlin Gatti


What to expect: Julie’s teaching experience is mostly rooted in a flow style practice, with the intention of offering classes that are fun, challenging, and structurally sound.  Her background in Vinyasa yoga uses the power of breath work during dynamic movement and spaces of stillness. Julie aims to offer opportunities for exploration during asana (physical postures) while emphasizing the concept of yoga being a whole body practice touching every aspect of life. One can expect an introduction to pranayama (breath) practices, chanting, yogic philosophy, and a whole lot of movement! 


Certifications: 200hr RYT

Julie Newton


What to expect: teaches be hot in a fun, engaging manner.  Expect to laugh and be challenged as you go through a multi-directional flow.

Amanda Sandau


What to expect: Kelly leads a fun, light-hearted class with enthusiasm.  She's encouraging and supportive.


Certifications: 200hr RYT

Kelly Lynch

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What to expect: Jennifer's teaching style is more gentle, with mindfulness at the forefront.  Yin helped me learn to sit still and find my calm.  I enjoy teaching others the power in slowing down to cultivate from within.


Certifications: Jenn has her 200hr RYT from Be Yoga.

Jennifer Baugus


What to expect: Erin leads a thoughtful, calm all levels class with a steady focus and energy throughout.  

Certifications:200hr RYT 

Erin Pruitt


What to expect: Cara creates a space of fun, self-love, and growth for new and experienced yogis. You will find a warm and invigorating space to grow and flow when you attend her yoga and Pilates classes. Her goal is to always be compassionate and helpful as she guides you along your yoga journey.  Her favorite way to relax is to read a book and listen to a Fleetwood Mac record with her husband and kitten.


Certifications: Cara has her RYT-200 and she’s been teaching yoga for 6 years, and she is also certified to teach Pilates and has been for 4 years. 

Cara Ryfun Smith


What to expect: Diana teaches from the spiritual side of yoga. She encourages students to quiet the chaos and noise in their minds to find that stillness inside so that they can hear that quiet voice of reason that lives within each person.  One of Diana’s favorite trips ever, was taking her Dad on a week-long hiking adventure to Machu Picchu. Not much can beat the feeling of accomplishment of scaling mountains and sleeping in the hills of ancient artifacts like that high elevation climb in Peru. 


Certifications:  200-HR YA through Be Yoga 2018; 300- HR YA through YogaFaith 2019; Trauma-Sensitive Informed 2019 

Diana La


What to expect:  Paige leads light-hearted yet challenging vinyasa classes with a focus on the basics of alignment and connecting body, breath and mind.  Her classes have a similar sequencing from week to week, allowing students to see their growth both on and off the mat.  A firm believer that it is always the time for yoga, Paige’s class themes are as likely to be from last night’s football game as from the yoga sutras.  Off the mat, Paige loves the sun, the lake,all things Lilly Pulitzer, and SEC football!


Certifications:  RYT200, Be Yoga 2014; The Teacher’s Edge: Baptiste Yoga Institute (2020 – ongoing)

Paige Freeman


What to expect: Carolyn teaches be hot basic and be hot in an energetic, multi-dimensional flow influenced by the Universal Yoga style.

Carolyn Petramale


What to expect: Cheryl believes yoga enhances our lives both on and off the mat.  Classes usually have a theme, and often begin with Pranayama and a hand mudra with an affirmation. Because yoga is an individual practice within a group setting, Cheryl offers alternative poses or adaptations as needed and honors requests. Though she offers explanations and talks a little during the class, Cheryl leaves space for silence, except for the music.  This allows a respite from the constant noise of everyday life and may be an opportunity for you to deepen your experience of the pose. Cheryl’s Bucket List Trip is a National Geographic trip to Antarctica.


Certifications:  RYT 500 hr; 200 hr RYT Baptiste Inspired Yoga (2006); 300 hr RYT Pranakriya Yoga (2018); Certified in Yin, Prenatal, Restorative, Meditation, Pranayama, Anatomy

Cheryl Hodgins


What to expect: Christina teaches vinyasa flow and restorative yoga and uses interoceptive language and offers multiple variations of postures in a non-hierarchical manner to create a safe space for exploration.  She always has the goal of facilitating mindful spaces and practices that lead to greater awareness and, ultimately, collective liberation. Yoga as an accessible, equitable and liberating practice for ALL is at the heart of her practice and teaching.  Christina’s favorite way to relax is to do some restorative yoga, particularly a nice, long supported legs up the wall!


Certifications: 500RYT; Yoga for All (body positive yoga); Trauma-Sensitive Yoga; Yoga Nidra

Christina Rodriguez


What to expect: Jamaal grew up playing soccer in Marietta. After tearing the meniscus cartilage in his knee, yoga found him! Now, Jamaal is a committed and passionate 200 hr RYT. His focus is set on inspiring others to connect to their innermost self. He practices and teaches an empowering vinyasa flow with the intention of calming the modifications of the mind.  


Certifications: 200hr RYT (be yoga 2019)

Jamaal Cosby


What to expect:  Heather considers herself to be a student of yoga first and a teacher second. She is passionate about helping others build confidence in themselves through the practice of yoga. She strives to create an environment in her classes that is both fun and empowering. When not practicing or teaching yoga, Heather loves to relax with a book in her hands and her pets by her side!


Certifications: RYT 200, November 2019 

Amy Pellerito


What to expect: Angela teaches a variety of styles of yoga ranging from Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Sequence. Her classes are both challenging and whimsical. The goal is for you to leave her classes feeling you found exactly what you were looking for and had fun doing so.  Angela loves to travel and hopes that her next big adventure takes her to Asia and India specifically. 


Certifications: 200hr RYT (be yoga 2018)

Angela Owens


What to expect: Chesler leads a fun vinyasa class with a vibe all its own. Expect to flow through poses and leave feeling amazing.

Certifications: Chesler has her 200hr RYT from be yoga.

Chesler Lindsey

KB Headshot_edited.jpg

What to expect:KB enjoys teaching an all levels flow.  As a certified doula, she particularly enjoys teaching pre- and post-natal students.

Certifications: KB has her 200hr RYT and is a certified prenatal yoga teacher.

KB Koehler


What to expect: Laurie teaches a fun and  ecclectic Hatha Vinyasa flow. Laurie’s favorite memory is meeting her dog, Shorty.  It changed her life!

Certifications:  Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist - 2001

Laurie Searle


What to expect: Driven by the belief that anyone can find a style of yoga that compliments their life, Jessie aspires to help people cultivate their own personal yoga practice so they may discover peace, flexibility, balance, and strength. Jessie loves to teach vinyasa, hot vinyasa, and yin yoga. Her classes focus on building power and strength, especially at the core.  The combination of Jessie’s calming nature and light hearted playfulness ensures that her classes will have a little something for everyone. 


Certifications: 200 hour RYT with Be Yoga

Jessie Blowers


What to expect: Jazz was introduced to Pilates mat work as a dancer and certified in 2013 and 2015.  Pilates has allowed Jazz to hone core strength that has served her in a number of spaces from performing as an aerialist to birthing her son.  She calls her style the "Quiet Storm: Attacking the work without freaking out." Most of the hour will be grounded (prone and supine) and soreness the next day is expected for those challenging their practice. Jazz’s bucket list trip is to travel to the slave castles in Ghana and study West African dance forms. 

Jazz Jackson


What to expect: Julie’s creative, dynamic, and multi-directional sequences are designed to focus the mind and balance the body.  Each class is full of options for all levels, while providing the space for you to explore your practice. Julie hopes to challenge you and encourage you to connect with your personal practice both on and off the mat. Julie’s bucket list trip is to hike the John Muir Trail.


Certifications:  200HR and 500HR Yoga teacher certifications were completed with Dorje Yoga under Jessie Fletche; Prenatal/postpartum teaching certificate was completed with Meraki Mama Collective under Lauren Sheilds; ACE certified Personal Trainer

Julie Hawkins


What to expect: Reanna leads with a vibrant passion and a soulful shine.  Her classes are designed to give space for self-discovery, em[power]ment, and accessibility. Her workshops are full of creative ways to learn and useful tips and tricks to put into your personal yoga toolbox. She couldn’t be more ecstatic to share the deep connection between the mind, body, and soul on and off the mat. All levels welcomed. Reanna’s bucket list trip is to visit Greece and explore Ireland! Eat all the food. Swim in all the water. And roam all the streets!


Certifications: E-RYT 500, YACEP

Reanna Livingston


What to expect: Sandy brings joy and playfulness into her classes.  She uses her quirkiness to demonstrate that yoga is for everyone, big or little, old or young, bendy or stiff!  Her accommodating style helps her students build confidence, empowerment, and most importantly, have fun in the practice.  When she is not teaching yoga or taking yoga, Sandy can be found chasing her 2 sons and 2 dogs through her backyard or teaching her high school history students to appreciate American History.  


Certifications: RYT 200 (be yoga 2019), Kidding Around Yoga children’s certification (2020)

Sandy Piper


What to expect: Kacy leads her classes with love and excitement, trying to help people reconnect to parts of themselves that they haven't seen in a while.   She loves to have fun in her classes and tries to teach students not to take life too seriously. Whatever your reason is that brings you to your mat, Kacy wants to take that and help guide you to find a deeper connection to your practice.  When not teaching, Kacy’s favorite place to be is on a camping adventure with her husband, son and 2 dogs.  These adventures allow Kacy the time to slow down, reconnect to herself and enjoy a moment away from the everyday life.


Certifications: 200hr RYT, 300hr RYT (in progress)

Kacy Harbert


What to expect: Kelly teaches vinyasa, yin, and kids’ yoga classes.  Kelly’s classes are designed so that yogis of all ages, abilities, and experience feel that yoga is accessible to them.  She loves to combine a calm, mindful movement, and a spirit of playfulness so that students leave their mats feeling strong, confident, and peaceful.Someday, Kelly wants to live in Hawaii and teach/practice yoga on the beach!


Certifications: RYT 200 (be yoga 2019); Kidding Around Yoga children’s certification (2020)

Kelly Terrell


What to expect:  Tatiana teaches yin, be hot basic, and prenatal classes at be yoga.

Tatiana Cicchelli


What to expect: Jen Herndon's love for anatomy shines through when she teaches. She particularly enjoys teaching beginners and sharing her excitement for all that yoga can offer.


Certifications: Jen has her 200hr RYT from Be Yoga, and is working towards her 300hr RYT.

Jennifer Herndon


What to expect: Jamie teaches vinyasa classes on be yoga's community class roster.

Jamie Hunt

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