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Be Yoga classes are taught by instructors from diverse backgrounds and influences. While each class will adhere to the general descriptions below, the class sequence and instructor's style may vary depending on their training and focus.  We recommend trying different instructors to find the ones with whom you most connect. 

Be Hot

This heated vinyasa class will challenge all levels, even the most advanced student.  Get ready to sweat, build strength and endurance, and improve your flexibility.  This class is designed to raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular system.  This class is open to all levels; but, we do recommend students have some knowledge of vinyasa yoga prior to enrolling in this class.

Be Hot Basic

This class is similar to our "be hot" class, except it is geared specifically for those new to hot vinyasa yoga.  It is open to all levels and we encourage anyone new to hot yoga to enroll in a be hot basic class prior to taking a be hot class.

Be Hot Power

This hot class is inspired by the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Method.  It combines dynamic breathing and strong, flowing movement to create a high-heat, high energy workout.  The goal of the class is to break through the physical resistance of the body as a means to connect deeper to the breath and spirit.  Teachers for this class have completed a minimum Level 1 Training with Baron Baptiste.  This class is open to all levels and abilities; but, we do recommend students have some knowledge of yoga prior to enrolling in this class.

Be Dynamic

This non-heated vinyasa class is recommended for all levels.  Instructors offer modifications and variations throughout class to challenge all levels and abilities.  Each student experiences a personal journey of discovery, finding increased strength, balance and flexibility.

Be Basic

This class is similar to our "be dynamic" class except it is specifically geared for students new to vinyasa yoga.  This class is taught at a slower pace than our other classes and is perfect for all levels, particularly those new to yoga.

Be Yin & Be Warm Yin

This deep stretch class is a great complement to other styles of yoga.  Yin yoga emphasized softness and self-compassion.  It is a non-strenuous class that will stimulate parts of your body, such as the joints, tendons, and muscle fascia, not typically affected by more energetic yoga styles. Yin poses are taught seated or prone and are held for three to five minutes, with a focus on the breath and the inner landscape.  This class is open to all levels.  Be Warm Yin is taught in a class heated to around 85 degrees.

Be Hot Pilates &

Be Warm Pilates

This traditional pilates mat class is a total body workout that focuses on the deep core muscles, strengthening both the abdominals and the spine. Pilates improves posture, balance and flexibility.  Be Hot Pilates is taught in a studio heated to 95 degrees, while Be Warm Pilates is taught in a studio heated to approximately 85 degrees,

Be Community

Be Yoga Community Classes offer access to yoga in a studio environment at a significantly reduced rate, making yoga available to all members of our community. Community classes also provide newer instructors, and those experienced instructors new to the be yoga community, the opportunity to teach, gain experience, and serve our community.

Be Silly

This is a 60 minute class for kids that helps build positive self-esteem, improved concentration, and valuable social skills.  Kids will learn poses focusing on strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  We make every effort to schedule Be Silly at the same time as a be basic class, so parents and older children may take a yoga class at the same time as our younger yogis.  Be Silly I is for kids aged 4-8 and Be Silly II is for kids aged 8-12.

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